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  • Our Shared Ministry Philosophy (PDF)

    2:6 Groups are learning communities of 3-15 leaders coming together to study the Life of Christ... specifically how Christ made disciples who could make disciples. Centered around three training manuals, these 2:6 Groups are times of study, training, discussion and evaluation. Meeting together over a period of 1-2 years, these groups study the classic Sonlife Strategy material, which has been used by tens of thousands of leaders globally over the last 25 years.
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    With strong emphasis upon a biblical study of how Jesus made disciples, these 2:6 Groups focus upon the Life of Christ and then seek to apply His disciple making principles to everyday ministry.
    "Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did." 1 John 2:6

    The Live 2:6 logo shows 12 white dots surrounding 1 yellow dot, representing Christ as our center, and 12 individuals (or a small group) surrounding Christ, learning from Him and making disciples as He did, shining his light. Our hope is leaders will create disciple-making movements all over the world! (1 John 2:6)
  • Restructuring for Multiplication (PDF)
    Resourcing a Growing Movement (PDF)

    Disciple Making is the full-orbed process of seeing people come to faith in Christ, grow in Him, and then being equipped to go back and help others repeat this process. Disciple Making is more than discipleship... which usually defines how to help believers grow. While many terms can describe the Disciple Making process, we have chosen three biblical phrases to define it: "winning the lost" (I Cor 9:19), "growing the believer" (Col 2:6-7), and equipping the worker (Eph 4:12).

    These three priorities are also reflected in the Great Commission with the participial phrases of "going", "baptizing", and "teaching to obey"... all a part of the command of "making disciples of all nations".

    Jesus also reflected these priorities by modeling a process of developing fully trained disciples by challenging them to "come and see" (evangelism), "follow Me" (discipleship), and "I will make you fishers of men" (equipping).

    Disciple Making is not complicated... it is a relational process of helping people to "follow Jesus". It is recognizing that people are at different stages of spiritual development and then responding appropriately. It is building a ministry that does the same.

    But Disciple Making is also a life-long process of becoming more like Him and helping others do the same. Because we are seeking to become like Jesus, and not just a set curriculum, this is an ever deepening process. It is an ongoing process of "abiding in the vine" and allowing Him to bear fruit through us.

    Developing a Disciple Making ministry involves looking at both the process and product of what Jesus developed. Understanding the process Jesus modeled is extremely helpful in developing a healthy balanced movement of multiplying disciples. We understand this as good Christology.

    Clearly, at the end of His ministry, in multiple ways... Jesus said "do what I have done" (John 14:12), "walk as I have walked" (I John 2:6), and "follow my example" (John 13:15). To the degree in which we follow the pattern of Christ, is the degree in which we will see a movement of multiplying disciples.
  • The Humanity of Jesus (PDF)
    Cost of Leading Movements (PDF)

    With a strong conviction that Jesus was "fully God", we believe that Jesus was also "fully Man"... becoming "like us in every way" (Heb 2:17). The implications of this are profound! As some have said, Jesus in eternity past 'chose to temporarily veil His deity so that His humanity could find full expression. Or as Ryrie said, "Never less than God, He chose to live His life never more than man". Bruce Ware expressed it this way, "His deity was unexpressed, so that His humanity could be fully expressed." As the second Adam, Jesus was man as God intended man to be. Being more like Adam before he sinned, than present day man in his sin, Jesus showed us how to live... depending fully upon the resources of prayer, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus became our model for life and ministry.

    That is why Jesus consistently said that we are to "do what He did" (John 14:12), "walk as He walked" (I Jn 2:6), think as He thought (Phil 2:5), serve as He served and love as He loved. Paul understood this as he said, "imitate me as I imitate Christ" (I Cor 11:1).

    Many look only at the message of Jesus, which is very important. But the model of Jesus coupled with His methods... makes the message of Jesus even more meaningful. Jesus not only gave us the message, but He modeled how to create a movement of multiplying disciples. It is this model that we are to look to... reflecting both the character and priorities of Jesus.

    Because Jesus is our model for life and ministry, we need to look carefully at how He did what He did, and what His priorities were. We need to analyze His thinking, His priorities, His actions, as well as His words. We need to see Him as our model for what it means to be fully human. This renewed focus (strong Christology), will allow us to truly be the Body of Christ, since Jesus is still the Head of that Body. It is this type of look at Jesus' life that has caused us to develop this Classic Sonlife material.
  • Beginning in 2010, we anticipate over 100 2:6 Groups beginning all over North America. Former trainers of Sonlife or 2:6 Group participants will be leading these new groups. If you do not know of a 2:6 Group in your area, you can contact the Live 2:6 office at 309-807-2459 for a list of sites. Soon we will have all the active 2:6 Groups listed on this web site.

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  • Jameson Ross Youth Pastor at Christ Community Church, St. Charles IL

    "I really appreciated having the opportunity to develop relationships over several years with guys doing ministry in the trenches. We experienced so much together: Seeing God's Word shape ministry, watching each other grow spiritually, and seeing ministry plans humbly laid out for evaluation. This experience has been enriching and unforgettable."

    Brandon Grant College Pastor, Eastview Christian Church, Bloomington IL

    The 2|6 experience has been transformational in various ways from personal to relational to ministry.?This is the beauty of the 2|6 material - it works on all levels.?It will shape you personally and deepen your walk with Jesus.?It will create lasting relationships that will encourage you in your journey with Jesus.?And it will provide a biblical framework to structure your ministry the same way Jesus launched his ministry.?There's little material out there - if any - this could be said.?

    Nate Ross Assimilation Pastor at Northside Christian Church, New Albany IN

    "I loved Jesus, i just didn't know how to live everyday like Him. The 2:6 group has helped to align my heart & life with the priorities of Jesus and I have been overwhelmed with the joy and challenge to walk as Jesus walked. There is truly no greater way to live than the way Jesus did."

    Eric Liechty Campus Pastor at Blackberry Community, Church Aurora IL

    Being in a relationally-committed, learning-community of ministry peer that desires to learn, live and lead like Jesus continues to be very encouraging and inspiring. I have attended and trained at many seminars and training conferences ... and this ... by FAR ... has been my best and favorite ministry equipping experience. Doing life and ministry together for 2 plus years has been AWESOME!

    Drew Moore Youth Pastor, Eastview Christian Church Bloomington IL

    Being challenged to think deeply about Jesus, ministry and life alongside other men who seek to be fully-devoted disciples who make disciples has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Our ministry has tracked and grown alongside our two years together more than I could have ever planned. I truly believe our ministry and the many people involved are following more closely and leading fuller lives in HIM because of what God has done through 2|6.

    Charlie Welke, Youth Pastor, Eastview Christian Church, Bloomington IL

    The side-by-side comparison of our ministries to the ministry of Jesus was by far the most beneficial and eye-opening ministry study I have ever been a part of. The time spent building relationship and sharing life have led me to friendships that truly manifest the brotherhood of believers.

    Dwight Weber, Executive Pastor, Colonial Woods Missionary Church, Port Huron MI

    The 2:6 Group has been life changing for me. It is one thing to go to a seminar and learn Jesus' strategy, it's quite another to know how to work it in your situation. My group of peer leaders are all working the system and learning together. My application has been exponential because of this group.

    Matt Amundsen, Youth Pastor at Parkside Bible Church, Holland, MI

    This journey has encouraged me to think and feel beyond what I had learned growing up. Coming together with our group has given me a variety of perspectives that has challenged my thinking, really a good thing that has sharpened my faith.

    Victor Saad, Youth Pastor at Blackberry Community Church Aurora IL

    2:6 group has been the perfect blend of growing my personal faith, sharpening my ministry abilities, and diving into great lifelong relationships with people I look up to. It has been a landmark for my spiritual life and an inspiration for my calling into ministry.

    Dennis Moore, Senior Director of Curriculum Development, Trinity Church: Lansing MI

    There are three things I value about the 2:6 Group experience with Don Roscoe and the guys in the Lansing Coaching Cluster: (1) relational accountability among cluster members, (2) coaching from a seasoned disciple-maker, and (3) valuable networking opportunities with peers who are also trying to implement disciple-making processes in their churches. We learn from each other. I've been to many conferences and workshops over the years but never one like Live 2:6. It bundles the group experience with the seminar, reinforcing and expanding the learning experience from one-day to one year. Now, that's value!

    John Williams, Pastor, Clarksville Bible Church: MI

    My ministry is with a smaller church. Sometime I tend to get isolated. It's been great to meet with people who share the same desire to live life and do ministry as Jesus did.

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